8 Responses to “Lyla the Poop-Eating Yorkie”

  1. Krispin

    my rat terrier does the same. then tries to lick me. Coprophagia tablets will break them of this habit. it makes the poop less desirable. you can get them at most pet supply stores or ask your vet.

  2. jen

    My Cairn Terrier eats everyone else’s poop, but not her own!!! Any suggestions for that?? The NYC streets are like a buffet, and she’s always better at spotting poop to eat, than I am!!

  3. Holly

    My yorkie does the same thing. I think she is trying to hide the evidence. I gave her Coprophagia tablets, but it did nothing to curb her appetite.

  4. jesslovesjackrussells

    Its usually because they are lacking something from their diet, ask the vet about it it could be that she needs another type of food, although they say that if they are an older dog you won’t be able 2 break the habbit. Hope this helps and she really is gorgeous!


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