7 Responses to “mouse trap”

  1. Mychell L

    Better peanut butter than poison.
    My dog likes to eat ant traps with poison in them. I have to be careful when I take her to other people’s houses. I’m always scanning my in-law’s entire house so she can’t eat any traps. She only has one kidney, so we have to be extra careful.
    She’s 14 and as mischevious as ever!

    • Dee Severe

      My very first dog, a chow, in NYC was very industrious about trying to kill the mice in our apartment. Except our landlord had already put out poison. So I’d be trying to get the dead, slightly eaten mouse out of her mouth and she’d be like, “no, I am the great hunter, mine mine mine” Pretty gross. Luckily she never got sick…

  2. dogsleder

    I’m with you, Cheri Borman! Thanks for sticking up for the furry little sweeties!! <3


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