6 Responses to “Only one in the world who doesn’t like the smell of fresh laundry”

  1. stars15k

    Never had the poop, but one of our JRT’s considered laying on hot laundry his calling in life. Even when it was hot out. In a way I miss it, but don’t miss the hair on everything. Cats in the dryer…ew. My neighbor didn’t realize her cat had climbed in, turned the dryer on, and left for an hour. Poor kitty.

  2. J

    Oh my Dachshund likes to scratch at clean laundry. I always assume he’s trying to release the nice smell. LOL

  3. R Mc

    My cat lives to pee on laundry, whether it be dirty or freshly washed. Not my husky, though. She is terrified of the sound that me shaking out a shirt or pair of pants before ! fold it makes!


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