19 Responses to “Our Sleep Number is 35!”

  1. Bev McM

    Oh the one in the front looks very remorseful. The one in the back looks like he is accepting no responsibility of what they did to your mattress. LOL

  2. Kel

    Sorry about the mattress, but I LOVE that they were shelter friends and you adopted them both! What lucky, happy dogs!

  3. Luci Maldonado

    I almost fainted when I got home and saw that Lola my JRT had thrown up on my Sleep Number M7. I am not sure what I would have done if she had done this. Thank goodness for that 20 year warranty, huh?

  4. Napole

    Cosmo was not remotely remorseful. He simply closed his eyes AND ears to your lecture. Sutton looks, “WTH, I didn’t do nuthin’!”

  5. Lorraine

    Yikes, I know how expensive those sleep number beds are… how about crates for those beautiful pups (or at least keep them out of the bedroom when you’re not around) 🙁

  6. Doglover

    Maybe one of the factory workers dropped a milkbone in there when the mattress was being put togeher??? You never know!!!

  7. Melissa

    When my youngest dog came home and got into trouble he did the “close my eyes and she’s not there” stuff, too!! He is almost 3 years old and is still doing it!! 8*)

  8. Crystal Goodwin

    This is very funny. I feel bad for their mommy though because she has to spend a hefty amount for repairs unless it is covered by warranty which is unlikely. Good doggies! 🙂


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