12 Responses to “Panty Monster”

  1. Julie Scott

    Just one pair?? George the labradoodle barfed up two pair in three days, plus a $5.00 bill and 21 pages of the new John Grisham book!! Love the fiber connection!

  2. Kitties6

    My labradoodle, Otis, ate a wash cloth. Then puked it up 36 hours later. He frequently poo’s out yogurt tubes that my kids have left out for him. He’s a dummy.

  3. Reesek

    At least it’s barfed up and not stuck coming out the poophole in -40 winter! That’s my sisters dog!

  4. Geek Goddess

    My Golden Doodle likes underwear. I blame the poodle bit. Watch those. My old retriever used to eat stuff. A wash cloth never cane out- we didn’t notice it missing until the autopsy :(. 🙁 🙁

  5. BonBon

    His face is priceless, I actually don’t think he will do it again any time soon. Belly ache?

  6. Lola's Mum

    My Beagle Lola ate a blue latex glove that we use for making sandwhiches (it probably tasted like ham)! It took a couple of days but eventually came out the other end which ended up being a pretty traumatic experience for both me and her!

  7. Highland Fashionista

    Must be a Beardie thing…..mine likes to make minute, microscopic hole in the crotch, and then you wash them and put them on, not noticing the holes until you are halfway through your day!

  8. Beagle owner

    Definitley Beagle, mine ate the crotch out of a pair, while I was in the shower. I also have a male cat that does the hole chewing thing. Embarassing mid day at work, when you look down

  9. Shelby

    Molly my 5 month old yellow lab barfed up two whole panties.. bikini cut.. TWO!!! then found out she had a rock stuck in her intestines …3k later, she is a happy dog!


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