9 Responses to “Peeing on the little one.”

  1. Mary Wickelhaus

    Haha..we have the reverse problem. Our little guy will run up to his big brother while he is peeing and proceed to hike his leg and pee right on him!

  2. Rachel

    I caught my male Pembroke Welsh Corgi lifting his leg where my female mini dox was busy peeing. He couldn’t wait to cover it (and her) with his scent!

  3. Napole

    My MaltesePoodle mutt gets peed on quite often by our taller Schnazer/Spaniel mutt because she never looks where she is going!

  4. Lucky!

    If I had to guess, Jackson is a sort of Airedale (coloring) and maybe Giant Schnauzer (face and ears are exactly like my we-think-he’s a normal size Schnauzer mix). Either way, you can find TONS of shaggy mixes in shelters everywhere. That’s where I was lucky enough to find mine <3


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