9 Responses to “Pit Bull Demolition Crew”

  1. Nicole Watson

    Two queen size mattresses, a couch, numerous dog beds, and heaven knows how many shoes… I know what you are going through. I also know what loveable, lap dogs they are. Our pittie is a huge hearted people pleasing ball of fur.

  2. Cyndula

    The red one looks a ‘little’ sorry and the one on the left looks like s/he knows that in all fairness s/he SHOULD be sorry.

  3. Carmen A.

    2 couches, 1 diner style booth, king size bed, phones, remotes, charges…..always LOOKS sorry afterwards 🙂

  4. Olivia

    HAHAHAH! My pittie Petey was the same way! They grow out of it! Petey ate a chair, chewed around the edge of the coffee table, untold amounts of shoes, a piggie bank, make up…one day I came home and found the can opener in the bed w/teeth marks. He even started on my pumice stone. He pulled all the laundry out of the laundry bag. Chewed a hole in the living room rug. Ate holes in the sofa cushions. Chewed up his coat…I could go on and one.
    Yours are adorable!


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