15 Responses to “(Prairie) Dog shaming”

  1. dogsandcatsandhorsesohmy

    Just a suggestion: Get him either a sandbox or a litter box that you can fill with sand. Prairie dogs innately like to dig in soft, sand or soil and, since it appears yours is an inside pet, he’s probably missing the opportunity to dig around. The sand would be a lot easier to clean up than the soot.

  2. Karen

    My friend has a prairie dog back home. They named him Peanut he’s cute and loves his peanut butter!

  3. Kat

    Prairie dogs dig and live in burrows, he’s just being natural. Get him a bin, fill it with dirt so he can dig. Put a fireplace screen up so he can’t get in there. PD’s normally live in PR Towns, so they do get lonely, they don’t live alone. I love PD’s!!!

  4. Evelyn

    Totally adorable!
    You may want to get him a sand box. You can find “play” sand at Home Depot etc. I would close off the fireplace to him. The soot is so fine, he will get it in his nostrils & possibly into the lungs 🙁 Same w/ Chinchilla dust. JMHO


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