10 Responses to “Rope toys never last”

  1. Leighanne

    LOL this is like our Pit Bull/Boxer mix. He is the toy destroyer! He loves rope toys, but always kills them almost instantly. He does the same with tennis balls! Oddly enough, his grandma bought him a Christmas colored rope toy about 3-4 years ago, and it was from the “Dollar Aisle” at Target. I think it was $2.50, and it has lasted all this time, no matter how much he plots it’s demise.

  2. Jay Moore

    You could try stag bars, they are antlers off stags, the large ones are very hard and good for the dog too, most dogs like them, mine do, they are terriers, but I still buy the larger ones for them or they can get through them too fast.

  3. Ultrawoman

    Same here!!! At least with our Labrador they would last two weeks before she chewed them in half!


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