6 Responses to “Sock it to me, baby!”

  1. Karen

    My “granddog” , Lucky, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, loves socks as well. Unfortunately, her last experience resulted in surgery from two blockages in her intestines, at a cost of 2500 dollars. Watch dogs carefully if they eat socks or large items!

  2. Phryne

    My Dugan looks exactly like this, though he doesn’t eat socks… do you know what breed this guy is? I have always figured mien is a malinois cross…

  3. Phryne

    those Anatolians are pretty cool! mine has stick up ears tho and this one here seems to as well and the slighter build and thinner muzzle. Gotta love rescues! Half the fun is trying to figure out what they might have in them lol


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