7 Responses to “Sweet PEAppermint Kisses”

  1. Shannon D.

    My house is baby proofed to 5 foot high because my Black Lab will steal and eat anything that is food or smells like food. He’s 6 but he never learns so mom n dad have to put everything up high or in a cabinet. He tried to steal the cake on top of the fridge but all he did was knock off fridge magnets. NEVER TRUST!!! LOL

  2. Nina Rayer

    Putting food in the high kitchen cupboards will work, but make sure to put notes on the outside of cupboards, or you’ll find aged perishables. My GSD took best cheeses off the counter.

  3. Donna Weatherfield

    Hope you watched her closely so she didn’t get ill. Chocolate is toxic to dogs but hopefully she only ate a couple or three. Mine have even found ways to get on the counter to get to food that wasn’t theirs. Mine are short legged Dachshunds!


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