17 Responses to “The blue ink was a dead give-away.”

  1. Emily J

    OMG! I have an almost exact replica of this picture. My chihuahua once chewed up a blue pen ALL OVER ME while I was sleeping. Both she and I were blue for WEEKS! hehe

  2. lorrie

    really Marc? my dogs will jump on the counter with me in the room (the know they’re not allowed to be up there) and will grab & dash what ever they can. sometimes these things are just a game. like having a forever 2year old child….

  3. Carla

    I had a two year old kiddo that colored a pup with a red marker. THAT caused some anxiety… your pup is a cutie, the blue will eventually wear off. 🙂

  4. tokarzs

    Sometimes they are just brats. i had my dog pull a pair of undies out of the hamper and start chewing on them….while i was sitting right there! Your dog is so adorable

  5. Laura

    I know a golden that decided to help his family open a box the UPS man left at the door. The Golden’s chin, chest, legs, and feet were all purple, a couple tubes of purple paint. Of course they took him to his vet, he was fine, but he sure did have fun.

  6. Andrea

    He was probably trying to write an “I love you” note to his Mom and Dad. He’s so sweet!

  7. Harry

    We have a two year old Boxer with the same issue. Have to crate her when we leave. Fortunately I work out of the house, so that doesn’t happen that much…


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