11 Responses to “The first step is admitting you have a problem.”

  1. jodi

    Our old beagle did that. Walls,rugs, windows, flooring. The vet just said she was weird. She also loved her green apple ear cleaner.

  2. rachel volkman

    Where did you get the gorgeous sausage suits!?!
    Perfect fit for lil long schnitzels

  3. Vanessa Settles Nix

    Water bottles are fun, lots of noise. My 2 cents if its the same wall same spot there may be something on the wall she smells or maybe something in the wall. She is a cutie

  4. Wendy

    Maybe try wiping the walls with vinegar… It wont hurt him , but it tastes disgusting….. Hope this helps:)

  5. Margo Grace Carr

    My mini Doxi is also a licker… I know it’s anxiety and I am looking at getting a Thundershirt. He licks the sofa, the sheets, his brother the standard Doxi and on occasions the floor. I try to calm him when he gets that way, but it is something that I have been dealing with all of his life. Thankfully he has never gone for the walls.

  6. Rebecca

    My brother-in-law had two dogs: one with Cushing’s disease and one with Addison’s disease. I can’t remember which dog it was, but she kept eating the walls/drywall. It had something to do with her illness (Cushing’s and Addison’s are kind of opposite diseases). Either that, or this dog may have anxiety that is leading to the obsessive licking. I would see the vet about this!


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