14 Responses to “Thomas Jefferson”

  1. Andrea

    Oh, my!!! That is serious!! I hope mom is feeling better soon. Poor mom and poor dog! You know he didn’t mean it, and he probably feels really bad about it!

  2. Connie Collins

    Might you be able to hire a neighbor/kid to walk Tom? The exercise will help him be calmer in the house whilst you heal up.

  3. bringontheshaming

    He looks like such a sweet boy!! I bet he takes good care of mama while she’s down!

  4. ceidefields

    Oh no! I can’t tell you how often I’ve come to being pulled down by my dog. Sometimes the excitement of the squirrel/cat/other dog/little girl around the corner is just too much

  5. napole

    Have a quick and painless recovery, Tom’s mom! Have fostered various sizes and breeds of canines, I have settled on owing only those who are between 10 and 40 lbs dogs. As I get older I the weight range will decrease until I get to stop between 20 – 25 lbs.

  6. biochemphd2

    The Shar pei face is killing me! As a Shar pei mama, I very much understand their strength. Hopefully mom is on the road to recovery and Thomas inherits a treadmill:)

  7. Olivia

    Poor Mom! My dog took off after my boyfriend and pulled me over and I fell into a big, stinky icy puddle. And broke my wrist. Feel better Tom’s person!

  8. Ann Y.

    Oh, my, I hope you feel better soon, Tom’s mommy! One of my dogs, Radar, is a Carolina Dog and he runs fast…and I mean fast. Quite a few times he’s run into me and knocked me over. Fortunately, nothing broken so far!

    Tom is a gorgeous dog. I love Shar Pei’s 🙂

  9. George Johnson

    Yeah, but look at the cast you got out of it! Sweet!
    Maybe you can go for a limp? A drag?


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