9 Responses to “Toby”

  1. Kathy

    Mmmmm….. lol I used to have a dog that would roll in anything and everything disgusting. Dead frogs were her favorite. She could get really stinky when she tried!

  2. Addy

    Our dog is like that, too! I wish he understood the causal link between bath time and rolling on stinky things.

  3. Jane Dale

    My Cocker Spaniel loves nothing better than rolling in some nice revolting Foxes mess. To her, it’s better than Chanel number 5, even though its really Foxes number 2 ! 🙂 She loathes the fresh smell of dog shampoo after her bath 🙂

  4. Alicia

    What kind of dog is this? My foster looks just like her and we have no clue what she is.

  5. Carol

    I love the brown smear on the shoulder – so funny!!! But I guess it’s always funny when its someone else’s dog 🙂

  6. lisa

    what is it with springers n rolling in poop mine does it all the time! i resorted to putting a coat of him so tht gets dirty n not him!


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