9 Responses to “What did you except? You called her Marley!”

  1. Catherine Kilback

    Oh mine does that too…we have to take the garbage out every day so she doesn’t get into it, she’s now learned how to open the pantry door though….

  2. Sue R.

    Get a trash compactor installed or portable and you’ll never have to worry about it again. If you can’t aford that get a metal one with a lid that doesn’t automatically lift.

  3. joy

    sue, my labs learned how to open the metal ones. at night we could hear bang bang, as they flipped the lid with their noses. then we redid the kitchen and installed a trash drawer. we called it the lab proof trash can. smash cut to 5 years later and yep, you guessed it. they’ve learned how to open it and get in. we’re back to the foolproof version. taking the trash out after every meal.

  4. MLA

    You might want to try crate training your dog. As soon as we put our coats on, ours runs right into his crate because he knows he’ll get a little treat. It totally eliminates any problems when you’re away from the house.

  5. jennk

    Wouldn’t that also mean burglars can now enter your house with impunity? (not saying she would do anything more than lick them, but they don’t know that…)

  6. Victoria

    Marley looks a LOT like my husky-mix Sage — and he’s guilty of exactly the same problem of treasure – hunting thru the house when I’m not home (I’ve seen that expression on him too many times).

  7. Tee

    I don’t get it, what does being called Marley have to do with anything? And as someone else already said, it should say “expect,” not “except.”


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