49 Responses to “When dog shaming goes good!”

  1. liz

    What a sweetie…..Yay for you!!!! Keep on gettin’ shamed, that’s what makes life worth living!!! Love, Hadley, Guinness and Nala!

  2. Bev McM

    What a great picture and story!!! Happy Birthday and by the way…the octopus suits you!!! LOL

  3. Mike

    See doctors don’t know how to diagnose an undying spirit or just pure will to live and love. Happy bd big one..so glad you shared with us

  4. DogMom

    Yay!!!! You rock!! So happy – and you look great! I’ll bet the vet is glad to be wrong in this case. Enjoy many birthdays!

  5. Molly and Gabys mom!

    Happy birthday sweetie!!! You wear that octopus and make the vets yard all your own anytime!!!

  6. eman

    I saw this a bit ago on Facebook (in fact my vet posted it!) and it brought happy tears to my eyes. My special girl Dora (the Hoarder) has hemangiosarcoma and was given 6 months to live 23 months ago (we’re planning something special for the 2 year mark!) I really am just so happy for you both.

  7. Jan

    What an awesome dog! Happy Birthday to you! I hope you live 7 more years and get to wear that octopus every year! You are adorable !!!!

  8. Heatherjoy

    Happy birthday handsome! You have a fantastic sense of humor! LMAO!!! hahahahaha!!!!


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