7 Responses to “Abarkaham Lincoln ignores you”

  1. Lisa

    Janet, please. Why go to the place of assuming this dog is not having his needs taken care of. He is clearly adored, not only by his humans but — as the caption says — by everyone. This is a much loved, very adorable dog. I’ll be friends with you ozzy!!!

  2. Brackie

    Lol, that’s great. You can see he’s used to being the centre of attention! My neighbour has a life size dog statue in their garden….drives my boy nuts that he can’t get a reaction out of it 🙂

    • rrosechandler

      Sabrina- That is not our lil guy, but he does look so much like him! Thanks for sharing! We haven’t seen a dog like Ozzy before! And yes, he is the center of our attention, man and woman’s best friend! <3


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