7 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Ado”

  1. Sunny

    Oh wow he is adorable!! So sad that he just doesn’t understand. I hope he finds a full-time home soon.

    • Lisa

      Remember that we don’t know anything about them. As the submitter said, circumstances didn’t allow them to keep him. If I couldn’t afford to feed my dog, I’d give him up to someone who could.

  2. Jackie

    How sweet. Hope he finds a home soon. We can’t know others circumstances, but the owners did this dog a good deed by bringing him to shelter rather than leaving him go wild and fend for himself or putting him down. I am sure it was a hard decision for them. He is a cutie….andd at a 140 pounds, hopefully the new owners will have a king sized bed 🙂

  3. Tricia dela Rosa

    I lost my 8 year old dog – a mongrel- last Monday and I’m looking at adopting another one as a companion for my other 4 year old dog, also a mongrel.

    I would love to have Ado. But I’m in the Philippines.

    That’s alright, though. There’s got to be lots here that can be had.

    Have a great life ahead, Ado.

    I hope you find your furever home real soon.

  4. patty

    i am about 200 miles from fairbanks…is Ado still available and how is he w other dogs…i have 2 already…please email me…


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