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  1. suzanne allison

    My lab has horrible allergy itching – we’ve tried EVERYTHING – apparently NOT a food allergy. Not summertime pollen and grasses. Wondering what you used to help Buzz??? We’ve tried changing her food and now home cook so we know there’s no junk ingredients. Have tried washing and vacuuming everything. Have tried EVERY kind of oatmeal and other anti itch dog shampoos. Changed detergents. Have tried tea tree oil – all sorts of anti itch sprays and herbal recommendations… The only thing that seems to offer ANY MINOR relief is benydryl. Any hope or suggestions to help my poor girl not have to scratch her fur off would be SO GREATLY appreciated!!

  2. Erinn

    We had him go to a western/eastern medicine veterinarian and after treating the secondary infection he is well under control with chinese herbs (formula called Xanthium 12) and is on a special diet with the primary ingredient being a “cooling” meat (I think turkey, duck, etc) to help ease the allergies. I’m not sure exactly what his allergies are to but the combination of eastern and western medicine really seemed to help him quite a bit.


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