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  1. Napole

    Our former Schnauzer/Silk Yorkie (recently passed away) felt the same about crate. He went nuts inside a crate or a locked room. We believed his anxiety stemmed from being packed in a kennel with other dogs at a shelter … a high kill overcrowded Los Angeles county one for that. After one week of trying to crate train him, we decided to let him free to roam about the house and backyard. Nothing destroyed nor damaged. As time went on he got comfortable and trusting enough to crate-train himself 🙂 The smartest and wisest dog we have ever owned. Miss our Boy like crazy!

  2. Stressfactor

    Some dogs just can’t be crated. My Rattie was a puppy mill rescue and she still won’t tolerate the crate. I suspect it’s because a pen was all she knew while in the puppy mill. I tried to just keep her in my kitchen behind a baby-gate but the little Einstein just took it as a challenge. She would find ways of defeating the baby-gate and then I would figure out how she was doing it and block her then she would find a new way of defeating the baby-gate… eventually I just gave up and let her have the run of the apartment. She’s proven she can be trusted though and she never tears anything up or pees in the floor so we’re both happy with the situation.

  3. Owen Howlett

    My foster dog used to freak out in her crate, but she began to like the crate when chew bones and other treats would sometimes “magically” show up in her crate while she wasn’t looking. The crate door was open to give her free access in and out when her people were home.


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