16 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays Incentive!”

  1. Dogmama

    Thank you for encouraging rescue adoptions! The joy these fur people bring to us is so amazing. As they say, who is rescuing whom?

  2. stars15k

    Beautiful Doxies! My Lil’ Squirt has a few pounds on him…..he slipped a disc and lost his rear end for a while. We calmed him while in bedrest with cheeseburgers. He is perfect and will never make it here on Dog Shaming.

  3. Suzy

    What a great idea! Thanks for helping the doggies! Your pups are totes adorbs 🙂

  4. James

    So true!! Our Husky was 37lbs when we adopted him. Heart Worms, Lung and Stomach problems. Would walk around with his tail and head down… Now he is a 60lb bundle of fun, loving life and healthy as can be! So sad how someone could abandon such a wonderful life like they did, poor baby didn’t even know the sit command. Now he knows Sit, Lay Down and all the usuals… plus Jump, kiss and round and round (which he loves to run rampant on our bed!). We could have spent $1k plus and not have gotten a better dog than him, now full of confidence, smart and loving – plus a little mischievous at times, hence his name – Loki!

  5. Val

    I looked for a way to contact Dog Shaming to acknowledge and THANK YOU (!) for the outstanding idea to do “Adoptable Fridays” when this feature first started but you don’t provide a contact a e-mail ~ ~ I hope this finally reaches you! I love dogs but cats are the better option for my living circumstances and both of mine have been adoptees. Hurray for everyone one can give a dog or cat or bunny or whatever a new forever home!

  6. mira

    I love when my favourite people acknowledge rescue animals. Thank you so much for spreading the word – many people simply don’t know or understand rescue adoption and think that breeders and pet shops are the best option.


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