9 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Keno”

  1. Janet

    If I lived closer I’d take him in a minute! I work from home and he could be my office assistant any day. What a sweet face!

  2. Jane King

    What a beautiful face. I bet he is such a gentleman that he lets ladies enter a room first, Find the “humans” that dumped him and remind them that they too will be old some day. Wonder if they will get dumped somewhere when they are no longer useful or interesting or….

  3. Napole

    His former owner were tired of him?!! The poor dog became an inconvenience to them because he’s old! It wouldn’t be a surprised to find those same irresponsible scums have also dumped their elderly at convalescent homes.

  4. Joanne Bradley Murphy

    Keno is my incredible office dog. He is the perfect companion-loyal and loving unlike his owners who dumped him. He deserves much better than them! That picture is the face I get to look at all day except for when he rolls over for belly rubs 🙂 I so wish I could take him home, but my dog prefers to be the only big dog in the home so I try to make him as comfortable as possible at the shelter until he finds a forever home.

  5. Lisa

    There should be a public record of people who get tired of their dogs and abandon them so they can be probably shamed and ostracized. Beautiful dog, and thank you Joanne for taking such good care of him (and for working at the shelter).

  6. Jeannine

    Please give him lots of kisses and belly rubs from us. I would be happy to sponsor part of his stay with you.


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