9 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Maci”

  1. Katie

    I live in Beaverton Oregon. I have three dogs but i want another small dog for my boston terrier. She’s so sweet looking. My BT and I are visiting Seattle in a few weeks.

  2. Nora

    I am Maci’s foster mom. She is currently living with 3 other dogs and though she does pretty well with the frenchies she does NOT like my male peke. Sometimes she has a hard time separating play from aggression. Maci is a dominent female and MAY get along with a submissive female/male.
    She is also a stubborn gal that likes to make the rules and needs a person more stubborn than her to let her know that the human makes the rules.
    She is a loving and playful sweetheart.

  3. Cedar

    I live in Washington and I work all day and she would be in an apartment 8 hours a day. I really want a pet. Especially a French Bull dog, but is not right nice to leave a dog alone for that long of a time is it? And my other option is to leave her with a 9 year old Corgi male all day. If you come up with a dog that like solitude…

  4. Jenny Henningsson

    Hi, oh my god she is adorable. Too bad I live sooooooo far away. I hope you will find a good home for her.
    🙂 Jenny

  5. kellymcinty

    She is beautiful, I a very interested, can you contact me by E -mail and let me know if I would be able to have her shipped to So. Cal or if we would need to drive to Wa. to pick her up if we are the lucky blessed ones to get to be able to give her a forever home.. Thank you so much. Kal.


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