6 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Sam”

  1. Mike

    Just imagine the love this guy can give his new human best friend….misty eyed here at that thought………

  2. zephyr

    OMG he looks just like my pure-bred lab Joey who looks more like a lab x hound. Gorgeous. I’m in Australia or I’d really want to give him a home.

  3. patti

    He looks like my purebred lab Sadie, sleeping next to me now. If I wasn’t in England I would be happy to adopt. That face is just begging for a furever home and I wish him the best. He looks as if he has a lot of love to give, it makes me sad to think about transitional his life is. I hope he finds a home soon!

  4. Danielle

    Thank You for all of the interest in Sam 🙂 A friend posted this so I do have a few corrections to make : Sam is really a GIRL and she is only 10 months old <3 Please visit her page for more information on her littlsam.tumblr.com.

    ALSO, little SAMMIE has also been adopted by a family of 5! and 4 cats on top of that. She is being loved on and cared for and is now even in training to make sure she is the best pup she can be! Thanks for all of the support.

    Sammie's Foster Mom


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