10 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Stubbs got adopted!”

  1. Elle

    Great work, DogShaming. Love to see older dogs go to their furever home. Happy days & paws up to Stubbs & new family xo

  2. marcia hootman

    Not only do you brighten each of my mornings with the various mischievous dogs, but you bless you for finding homes for these loving creatures.

  3. Freddie

    He’s adorable – I hope he’s happy in his new forever home!! It’s so great that your using this website as a platform to find homes for these fabulous dogs!!

    (My Jakey is awesome and from the Ontario basset rescue 4+ years ago!!).

  4. Krista

    Aw, so cute! I love how anything mixed with a basset just looks like the other type of dog with basset legs.


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