8 Responses to “Bed Eater”

  1. Carrie

    My sweet foster pup that I adopted started doing this too, she has also moved on to our stair rails. Ugh, I don’t want her to get splinters!

  2. Michelle my bell

    Yikes! Did you have it delivered and set up? Maybe the scent of someone else who handled the bed rail is still lingering on the wood and that’s what prompted her to start chewing. I would try wiping it down with a cleaner safe for wood to get any lingering smells off.

  3. Kay

    Get a spray bottle and mix a tiny amount of tobasco sauce or some other type of hot sauce with water and either mist on or if worried about wood – take a paper towel and dab a little on the area where she/he is chewing. Dogs DO NOT like the smell let alone the taste and will leave it alone. Has worked on everthing I have tried it on from shoes to woven baskets.

  4. Doodle Bean

    If the bed was made in China, it may have fish oil as part of the finish. Fish oil is used in many ways in China, including in clothes dyes, pigments and leather tanning. Put your nose right on the bed and sniff. If you can smell fish, no matter how faintly, that’s probably the reason… your dog thinks the bed is food.


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