7 Responses to “Bed Hog and Thief”

  1. phudy85Judy

    Kodiak, I think you’re a very smart dog, you have your mom trained well! Keep up the good work. Although you should give back her shoes.

    • jere

      comments don’t like less than/greater than brackets.
      my original post said: whipped

  2. DogMom

    I sympathize, Mom. By the middle of the night, I’m sleeping on about six inches at the edge of the mattress. My doberman wants to snuggle up to me so much, she almost pushes me off the bed…. But, obviously, I think it’s worth it. I’m happy to have her with me.

  3. Morgan Miller

    Awww. Our husky mix is named Kodiak as well! He’s also very grumpy and gives us sass when we try to kick him off the bed.


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