4 Responses to “Blame the Boxer”

  1. Suzette

    All of my pillows are up on top of bookcases…they will remain there for awhile. I have a 7 month old puppy who has eaten my glasses, our TV remote and 3 area rugs!

  2. Kosh

    I was on a conference call and all was quiet in the house…….. After I was done went into the next room to a cloud of white puff!!!! My puppies tore apart my pillows… They can still do no wrong!!!

  3. Dorothy

    It’s when they are quite is when they are so busy. My 18 month old Boxer mix has destriyed 3 pairs of glasses, blankets, numerous books, stuff toys, 2.5 remotes (one still usable just taped), toliet paper, heating pad, 4 plugs for my laptop and other things but has never destroyed a pillow or any furniture while the two older ones watch. I still love this girl and she is a little s**t but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Love the Boxers.

  4. Poppy Seed

    Yep, us as well. The throw pillows are hidden in the closet. Poppy now is checking out any available totebags for items of interest!


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