4 Responses to “Bless You”

  1. leepatterson

    thank God my dog only eats used kleenex not new, and he love napkins with your after dinner smells,

  2. Gerri

    My dog Levi has chewed on ant traps, eaten flip flops AND destroys Kleenex boxes too. What’s with the destruction of Kleenex boxes? I have to hide them when I go to work.

  3. Beth

    Dogs love to forage. I play a game I call “Find It.” I put kibbles, small pieces of treat, anything they like, around. I try to hide them a little. I put them by the edges of chair legs, not in obvious places. I release them and say, “Find it.” It cuts down on boredom. These dogs might also respond well to Kong type toys. One good time with a Kong is to freeze the filling. Try plain yogurt, mashed potatoes, peanut butter… This is great on hot days.

  4. Jackie

    Aww, what a cute face. Those labs are chewers! I have to put my son’s kids on notice as my guy chewed through quite a few flip flops! They learned to put them on top of the washer when they walked in! And, he loved tissue too…realized that he was taking them out flopping them around before leaving them on the floor. I thought my kids were lying when they told me it was the dog…then I caught him in the act! Hope you are better soon…


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