4 Responses to “Bunny’s a Bad Influence”

  1. Piperwest12

    Omg love Prim’s ears! I would watch them when they are together, they are probably plotting a house takeover!


    i have guinea pigs and the amount of items ive had to replace or re wire is unbelievable, they even shorted out my apartment when they ate the fridge cable. now all wires are either shortened or behind cage fences i fashioned as a barrier.

  3. Macey

    Some well placed cord protectors will help with Prim’s temptation to nibble. Sounds like you need to bunny proof! I’m grateful that I’ve only had my bunny chew through two cords. Though when she chewed through the metal wrapped tube under the toilet and caused the bathroom to flood and it to rain in the basement, she did learn a lesson or two.


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