7 Responses to “But I just wanted to sleep on the bed…”

  1. staceychris

    Aw I’d let him up – just put a protector blanket over to catch the dog hair 🙂

  2. Leslin

    awwww poor baby.. my girl gets full reign of the living room couch and cushions once dad goes off to sleep!! she is a perfect angel till then! 😀

  3. Christine Riker

    awww, that poor baby. No more run of the house? what did you do lock her up? We have 4 dogs and I do put an extra sheet over the top of the covers on the bed for them to lay on. Love my babies! 🙂

  4. adrianne Jarrett

    aww what a pitIful face so cute he can come sleep on my bed anytime! He really wanted in there not his fault they just dont understand sometimes… he is really sorry!


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