9 Responses to “Devil(ed Egg) Dog”

  1. Gena

    Serves mom right for leaving the fridge open while she was taking a drink. After all eggs don’t stand up well in warm air. You were just making sure they did not go bad.

  2. Kathleen Nevin

    You did no wrong big guy!! Tell your human that it’s her fault for leaving the fridge open where the eggs were at your sweet little eye level. You just thought it was Scooby Snack time. Good boy!!! I think the counter is marginal.

  3. altan

    My guess is he’s have eaten the eggs, deviled or not…..and the counter issue, hey, coulda been a party, deviled eggs are for parties right….dog looks healthy, muscular. Who cares about the counter, it’s just stuff, and, honestly, the floor and cabinets are clean! I vote for 1)party, and 2)loving,caring owner(s)…………….

  4. Rebecca

    I had the freezer door open while I was putting away groceries (we have a bottom freezer) and while my back was turned, our rat terrier stole green beans (he loves frozen veggies) out a the bag that had a hole in it. We only figured it out when he ran out of the kitchen with something in his mouth (we then allowed him to do it a few more times so we could get a video).


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