7 Responses to “Dog Breath”

  1. German Chocolate Betty

    Cute dog. But isn’t it true that most bad breath is from the stomach and not from teeth? I think there is some kind of herb or something which you can put in the food which should help…. FWIW

  2. J.D.

    LOL I refer to it as corpse breath, my collie suffers from hellitosis just like adorable little Clementine. It really adds a new level of horror to doggy wake ups. I do have some luck reducing the odor with peppermint breath spray for dogs and by cleaning her ears well

  3. Ls

    It is not Clementine Maxine’s teeth the smell is coming from her digestive track… try digestive enzymes & probiotics for pets ( you can get at health food store) Works wonders!

  4. Michelle

    Thanks for the all the suggestions, we try them all until we find a solution!!! =)

  5. Chris

    I would still let her lick my face no matter how bad her breath is, my dog is a westie boy, his breath is rancid and he licks his bits and bum lol but I adore him and can’t resist a doggie wake up in the morning.she is a cutie


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