2 Responses to “Dog Perfume”

  1. LN

    Hahaha! Our mutt darted out the front door while we were walking to the car and got into it with a skunk and then jumped in my car! Natures miracle skunk removal is a life saver!

  2. stella

    For future reference, if your dog only gets sprayed on part of her body, only wash the part that got sprayed. Once you wet the dog all over, the smelly skunk oils will spread.

    Also, there is a recipe easily found on the web – using hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda – that works well. Try sprinkling the dog with the baking soda while you mix the shampoo).

    Make yourself a kit – with all the necessary ingredients (including old clothes and plastic gloves (put in more than two so other won’t have an excuse for not helping) – since she is not sorry, she will probably do it again!


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