10 Responses to “First step is admitting you have a problem”

  1. altan

    My rescued flat-coated retriever mix is also, although in the 11 years she’s been here, it has subsided a bit. Hers is a “Tennis ball” fetish. The first time there were 7 in the sofa crack, 5 under her bed at the foot of my bed…..now it’s a token 2 or 3….or maybe we only have 2 or 3 left……the last few years it’s expanded to include empty dog or cat food cans. I think of it as her bank account, but I am always emptying it……In Avi’s case tho’ I think it has something to do with finding comfort in being surrounded by the scent in these special items of yours

  2. CristyDeckard

    Our shoes come off by the front door. My greyhound always carefully takes one of each pair to the other end of the apartment and lays with them, no chewing either 🙂

  3. Harvey Schwelke

    Our mini-doxie does this too. Anything that smells like us he needs to have. The weird part is he even does it when he’s sleeping in bed with us. We wake up with sneakers, boxers and t-shirts piled on top us in te morning if we’ve lazy about putting things away. Also doesn’t chew, just snuggles. He also needs the pair of shoes, one shoe is not acceptable…slightly OCD…


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