12 Responses to “Have you tried OKCanine or eBarkony?”

  1. Leslin

    awwww what absolute beauties!!! I had a pom just like the white one a few years back… and she just love posing for pictures!!!

  2. Ems

    I have two Poms too and sometimes, I feel exactly the same way!!! (they are also why everyone in the neighborhood that has a dog just waves at us from a block-wide berth instead of trying to come up and actually socialize.. Sigh).

  3. Mike

    Take it from a guy, those cuties would not stop any man except a bad guy. Dogs can tell if you are not worthy of moms attention. Their love and trust are the best bad guy filter God ever made.

    • Mike

      Wife seemed to think so…..I would bring my schnauzer to play with her 3 shih Tzu so he kept them busy but I always greeted them before giving her a hello kiss…I knew who was the boss

  4. Susan D

    When my husband & I were dating, at Christmas he bought my dog & cats gifts, & gave them their gifts, before giving me mine. I knew at that moment he was a keeper!!!

  5. LTG

    I can relate to this post. Going to take a special one to accept my little Miss Barks-a-lot. Good luck.


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