9 Responses to “Henry the anti-American [girl]”

  1. Laura

    My dog Zack used to growl at one all of the time. He didn’t like the way it stared at him.

  2. Susie

    Poor Henry…. He just can’t help himself. Congrats for making it on the website!!!

  3. Amy

    Our dog Rocco did the same thing…, twice!!! We still laugh about it. She went to the doll hospital once but not the second time around. My mom ended up just making a mitten. Lol

  4. helena dykes

    she is so cute and i mean the dog i think i know why the dog chewed the fingers off the doll i mean look at it it looks so wierd and creppy if i was a dog i would have done the same, it wasnt the dogs fought it was the little girls she eaither let the dog in her room or left her doll laying out somewhere so the dog is not the one to blame it on the little girl needs to start picking her stuff up do u all get what i mean


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