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    wow thats the dumbest thing i ever heard dipping a lead in spicy stuff to stop a dog eating it, you know dogs like spicey sausgae and stuff yeah, hes a dog, dogs chew. end of. lol silly human.


    im sorry “use the lease to correct him”? i hope you didnt beat him and fyi if he is going to eat spicy food, be prepared for bad farts and runny poo lol

    • Lisa

      Helen, as if your insulting, obnoxious comments weren’t enough — ending thoughtless comments with “lol” makes you sound like an uneducated tool. LOL!

  3. Tsubasa

    Correcting a dog and beating a dog are two very, VERY different things.
    It’s unseemly to carry on with your holier-than-thou attitude and go around accusing others of animal abuse over what is meant to be light-hearted and rueful humour.
    Shame on you, Helen.

  4. Noneya

    Helen you sure are self righteous aren’t you?! All you post are comments of criticism; FYI not ALL dogs enjoy spice and it could work as a deterrent.

  5. Heidi

    While most dogs chew, Labs and Lab mixes chew more than any animal I’ve ever seen. I had one that, as a puppy, tried to single-handedly dismantle a wooden rocking chair from the bottom up. It’s what they do…they chew, chew, chew. Gotta love them, don’t try to punish them…In fact, try to redirect with something else…perhaps some toy that the dog enjoys??? And try putting the leash where the dog can’t get it…And if your companion is chewing while you walk, try a different type of lead…

    • Heidi

      Sorry…missed all that about the other objects…but, again, try putting things out of his reach until he’s older…Labs and their mixes are puppies for at least 5-6 years…this means due diligence for Lab owners…

  6. Sawyer

    You do look remorseful Cosmo….until the next temptation throws itself at you begging to be chewed! 😉 HELEN MURPHY why comment, do you really think people will take to heart your self righteous statements? No they won’t, they just think you are self righteous know it all! This is a fun site, don’t comment if you have nothing nice to say!

  7. Chris

    My Labradoodle is happily chewing on his femur bone from Petsmart as I type AND his teeth are cleaner than ever !!!!


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