14 Responses to “I can’t do a THING with this hair…”

  1. leepatterson

    Mine is like that too, but you can’t help but love them no matter what they look like or do

    • Madeleine

      Wire haired rat terriers look more typical of the types of terrier people are used to. Obviously hairier than you short haired rat terrier. He just need a little trim off the sides. Adorgs.

    • Mary-margaret Conley

      it’s probably a schnauzer mix , he is the wrong color to be a schnauzer as they only came in salt and pepper, black , and black and silver.. he is also a dilute with amber eyes . cute though.

  2. J G

    he is perfect…..I haven’t heard that phrase since i was little and my grandmother would say it about her terrier ” whiskers” He is so ugly he is cute lol

      • Stressfactor

        Could be a Wire Haired Fox Terrier. Or a mix with a healthy dose of Wire Haired Fox Terrier in him. He has that Fox Terrier look…

  3. Aimee Lorraine

    I have a little dog that was given to me by a friend, she was categorized as 1/2 miniature poodle, 1/2 sneaky neighbor dog, she looks nothing like her little white poodle Mama, and exactly like your little dog. I think I know what the sneaky neighbor dog is now, thanks! We’ve always been fascinated by her beautiful eyes that match her fur color just like your little man.

  4. Nicole Mether

    My nephew-doggie is a Brussels Griffon. His hair is the same way! My brother and his wife named him “Einstein” because of his crazy hair. It just adds to his cuteness though!

  5. Silvian

    Whatever Oliver is, he is a cute dog, despite the bad hair day. Who cares what his “lineage” is, as long as he is loved and respected by his family!


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