6 Responses to “I did this!”

  1. Mariann Buonadonna

    One of my girls does this too-the down side is she ate cooked chicken rib bones and had a dramatic reaction that caused us to take her to an emergency vet-$700 later she was good as new 🙂

  2. Carol Nelson

    I thought I had the only dog named Frisco…lol…Mine is a Chaweenie…he like to take stuffing out of the other dog’s beds….doesn’t mess with his….lol

  3. shanlin1973

    When mine was a puppy, he dragged the garbage all over, pooped and peed everywhere and ripped open two plastic bins of cat litter. I still remind him that he’s lucky to have survived til his first birthday.

  4. Nora

    He’s just trying to get you to recycle that can and those paper products! Good citizen puppy!


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