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  1. Gerri

    My grandma and grandpa immigrated from Belgium in the early 50’s and brought their dog Fieka. Everyday she had a dish of sliced carrots in a bowl. I even have a picture of my little brother helping her eat them. 🙂 Carrots and dogs = good memories!

  2. Jeff

    Our wiener dogs loved peas and corn. They’d eat the whole cob, leaving nothing at all behind. They’d eat sugar snap peas, but really preferred green peas (but only if you shelled them first). They’d go out into the garden and pick peas, bring them back and wait for you to shell them.

  3. Meg

    Lord she’s cute! My Daisy (red smooth mini dachshund) loves carrots and bananas.

  4. Michelle my bell

    Our rescue Pitt Boxer mix LOVES carrots also. (apples are 2nd favorite) So much that she taught our other rescued dog to eat them too. (nice of her to share)……. And we plant carrots in our garden just for her! My 102 year old Grandma who lives with us feeds her carrots or an apple everyday. Healthy dogs, healthy Grandma! ;-D

  5. Veronica

    My 14-year-old doxie loves his baby carrots and apple slices. Sometimes it’s hard for me to HAVE to share with him…he barks when I don’t give him a carrot or apple slice RIGHT AWAY!! 🙂

  6. Erin Ford

    Carrots, apples, and radishes are pup favorites, for sure! Strawberries never made it out of the garden, between the birds and the dogs.

  7. Maria

    My dachshund has an apple a day. She grabs it to pull out the stem, spits it out then eats the whole apple.


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