17 Responses to “I pooped on the laptop.”

    • Laurie.

      and a little bit scared he might have done something wrong. We have 2 Italian Greyhounds and I just love, love, love the breed. We also have a Corgi….

  1. Hal

    Yeaaaaahhhh… I don’t think that was an accident… I think he’s telling you that you spend entirely too much time tickling the keyboard of that laptop and not nearly enough time rubbing his ears and belly.

  2. M

    Poop – is cleanable. Pee – will short out the key board on your new Dell laptop……… I’m just saying.

  3. pamelahassan

    I have a female blue Italian Greyhound very similar to this one. She is is the sweetest dog but has chewed up a few pairs of expensive shoes.


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