8 Responses to “Iggy Pupp and Baloo”

  1. Leslin

    Iggy Pupp and Baloo.. those are two rocking names! 😀 and I agree with Ed’s note.. it is truly great of a person to adopt an animal in need…

  2. Stephanie

    Forbid is a wonderful, safe product you can feed to your dogs to make their poop taste bad. Try it and everyone’s breath will be fresh!

  3. Lorraine

    If Iggy Pupp (love the name!) still has trouble with his guts, you should check into him possibly being allergic to regular dog food. We adopted a rescue who was also skin and bones and it took 9 months and umpteeth visits to several vets and numerous tests to figure out she’s allergic to regular dog food (they think it’s the grain or wheat). Anyway, she’s now on Hills Prescription Diet Z/D and hasn’t had a problem in over a month! Check into it… that’s all it might be. We think that’s probably why our baby was dumped in a desolate area: the previous owners probably couldn’t deal with the tummy troubles.

  4. Lorraine

    Oh, and Baloo is absolutely adorable too! You’re blessed to have these two gorgeous pups in your life!

  5. Joy Johnson

    Our rescue dog was found on the streets. She was obviously starved…very thin and terrible parasites. We have two other dogs and she started eating their poop. We tried the stuff from the vet and it worked for awhile. Basically, we pick up the poop everyday so she’s not tempted. It’s very sad that she still holds on to the fear of starvation. She is fed on time everyday (believe me, she reminds us!). Good luck!

  6. ahhgoosh

    my rescue had serious digestive issues too (serious!! I mean, gross serious!). It took about 2 years but I finally figured out she needed a grain free dry food that contained no poultry (hers is bison). it might be a food allergy more than anxiety.


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