15 Responses to “I’ll fix it I swear…”

  1. Dorothy

    Does that beautiful girl have seperation anxiety? Try an alcratraz crate if you need to put her in one. She is a beautiful girl.

  2. BlueRoses

    That is impressive. I have a pit, a mastiff, and a doodle, and all three have been crate trained using the same crate – which also crate trained my fiance’s parents’ dogs (4 dalmations and an aussie.)

  3. Izzie

    You need to crate traine, you can’t just put a dog into a cage and expect it to like it. Treats, happy words and lots of patience and you won’t have to keep buying crates 😉

  4. Toni

    My pups go in with treats….usually when we aren’t home. Sometimes, when I am doing stuff around the house I will walk past their cages and one or the other will just be hanging out there.

  5. Mae

    We have two pitbulls, both wonderfully crate trained (and they’re both still semi-destructive if left alone so they have to be crated if we leave for the store, to work out, etc.) However, TWICE now, on random occasions (they weren’t crated for excessive amounts of time, they weren’t sick, etc.) one of our pitties broke free!

  6. Erin Ashley

    Miss Cleo’s so gorgeous!

    My boy, Balthazar, wouldn’t crate train using the normal, recommended methods (and I ended up not being able to leave the house for fear of what he might do while I was out!) so I finally just pushed him into the crate. It helped that I have the crate right near my bed. Now, he goes into the crate at bedtime with little or no encouragement, except his nightly Greenie. He doesn’t use it for a den, like I had hoped he might, but he doesn’t seem to hate it.

    Still, he’s never escaped a crate. He does occasionally manage to pull the blanket I use for a crate cover all the way through one of the tiny slots into the crate, though. (He has a soft crate mat, a toy, and his own blanket already inside for company.)

  7. stars15k

    This is the most shamed, “I am in so much trouble” face I have seen here. I have had dogs all my life and have never used a crate. The worse destruction I’ve had is an occasional trash bag strewn about. I have never had a “pit bull”, but have had an English Bull Terrier. He didn’t mind a denning in a crate (it was suggested but never used) as long as it was covered and very dark. Just a suggestion.

  8. Jasmine

    My Chi is happy to go into hers for the night. When she starts to look tired i use an alarm on my phone that she knows means bedtime. She gladly hops up so i can carry her there.

  9. Leni

    Lots of people use crates
    1. For potty training.
    2. So they don’t destroy things.
    3. So their dogs don’t fight.
    4. Transport.
    5. Some people think their dogs are happier in there, rather than alone in the house.


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