10 Responses to “Ink Blot Test”

  1. Leslin

    Judging by their expressions, I’d say both are guilty! the poor white guy just isn’t very good at hiding it 😀

  2. RTortorici

    hair spray will remove ink. Spray it on then blot, keep up and the ink will come out

  3. Marion Warr

    Shaving cream will take it out too. It is the lanolin in the hair spray or shaving cream that gets rid of the ink. If all else fails, you can always get a duvet cover which is like a slip cover for the comforter. It saves having to clean a down filled comforter because you can usually wash the duvet cover.

  4. Lolac1

    Rubbing alcohol will get the ink stain out. It takes some persistence, but it DOES work. I know this because………….I had the same thing happen to me!


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