12 Responses to “It’s not the dryer eating your socks…”

  1. Marie

    It’s OK, Kobe, you’re not alone! My girl Matilda hoards socks too (but she’s not a pro like you… Yet!)

  2. Bob's Mom

    That is great! My Bob only steals one sock at a time — but only to get my attention, not because he’s a hoarder…

  3. Napoleo

    Our 3 year old mutt finds comfort in hoarding socks. One at a time, and thank goodness she only is interested in burying them; not eating them. Our family’s recent addition tortures one sock at a time. Sometimes, she eats the tiny tatters. And, of course, we occasionally find them in her residue :-[

  4. aila

    mine (lab) likes the dirty socks, the dirtier the better, boyfriend works in landscaping, and his socks are the best, wet and smelly

  5. laurakozin

    I love this, Kobe is adorable! One of our cats “kills” socks she pulls out of the laundry hamper then rags them upstairs to show to us. But our dog shows no interest in socks.

  6. Lynn

    My golden likes to gather up the dirty socks on the floor, brings them to the washing machine, and he gets to trade them in for a dog biscuit. No hoarding issues here!


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