11 Responses to “Kitten rules the house”

  1. Madeleine

    Love the “family portrait” look. They look like your kids in a smile for grandma photo. Too funny. One of my favorites.

  2. Meira Smith

    I’ve been thinking about a cat for my dog too. Glad its working out, and I second Madeline’s comment. Hysterical looks on both their faces!

  3. Sue Andersen

    LOVE the pic! We had a cat for our first basset hound and it solved a lot of issues for us too. Good for you!

  4. PrAdA

    what is this a pit bull scared of kitten?
    of course the media wont report it! who’d want a story of a “ferocious” dog who is well trained and well loved to be put in the media?

    I really wish many people see this side of the pits and all other aggressive dogs, then the world would be a better place!

    And you have beautiful babies!

  5. Lisa

    I’m obsessed with the pit’s face. So FREAKING adorable. That is the face that should be on every pro-pit billboard. She could not be more clearly a sweetheart.

  6. Jenna

    I actually got a kitten for my Pit a couple years ago and they were inseperable, it was ridiculous!


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