12 Responses to “Maymo & Penny: Sock Traffickers”

  1. Andrea

    Once dogs start working together…. they will take over the world!!! (or, at least, your house!)

  2. @leewah

    It’s just a matter of time before lemon beagles take ove… SOCKS!!! OM NOM NOM!

  3. ahhgoosh

    don’t tell my two beagle mixes, but Maymo is my favorite beagle of all time. And I love his new little partner in crime!

  4. Micah Groff

    We used to have a husky who would snatch loaves of bread off our counters. Then our lemon and white beagle would eat it….what a team.

  5. Monique Slegers

    Found your films on Youtube, they’re brilliant. Love your dogs, they are so ubelievably cute.


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