11 Responses to “Mouse in the house….(apartment)”

  1. Dixie

    She”s little so maybe she didn’t want to be the littlest one in the house anymore. At least she adopted and didn’t shop for a new friend! Probably wanted the little mouse to get as much love as she does. She’s too cute to get mad at (and I’m sure she knows it)!.

  2. Katie

    What a cute face! Do you know what breeds she is? She looks JUST like the rescue we recently adopted 🙂 We think he’s shepherd, blue heeler, and maybe lab but that’s just guessing 🙂 He even lays with one of his front paws tucked under like she is!

  3. Derrel Thompson

    everyone that’s invited to dinner at Sooki’s house… make sure her human isn’t serving salad!

  4. Asmith

    That also looks just like my rescue mutt, ditto on the paw tucking thing….. Sweetest dog ever…. Any insight as to breed would be appreciated!


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